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Get Ready…Stamp     Get Set…Cut       Go!…Sew


The ByKateTM method uses rubber stamps to provide more precision than paper piecing or tracing from a template. The rubber stamp templates have both the cutting line and sewing line for accuracy each and every time. No more marking, measuring, cutting or punching your templates. The By KateTM method makes your life easier. Hand piecing is only a quick back stitch, running stitch and back stitch for each seam (segment). Hand piecing can be picked up and put away at a moments notice and projects fill those time gaps when waiting for something or someone or at home a few stitches can be done quickly.

Hexagon and diamond stamps are available in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 2 inches (as measure on each of the finished sides).


3-Step Technique

1.  Get Ready ... Stamp
Pat the stamp lighting onto the inked pad and test on paper before stamping on the back of the fabric.  Do not use too much pressure when stamping as you only need to stamp enough to see the lines.  Stamping too hard can cause ink to show on the front of the fabric.  The inked pad will keep best if stored in a tightly closed plastic zip bag.  Stamp the spaces on the straight grain of the fabric unless you are centering an image or motif (fussy cutting).  If you overlap the impressions slightly, all is not lost as long as you have 1/8" on each side to work with.  Stamps can be cleaned with a baby wipe or moist towelette with aloe.  Don't use alcohol based products which are drying to the rubber.

2.  Get Set ... Cut

Cut out just barely inside the solid line.

3.  Go!   ... Sew

Sew on the dotted line. Use a small straight pin to align the seams. Pin at the end of the dotted line. Sew a single thread on the needle and start the seam with a back stitch. Do a running stitch to the point and take another back stitch to end the seam. Move the pin to the next segment and repeat. Do not stitch into the seam allowances.

In general, press your blocks from the center out and around in one direction. For the stars, press around the center point to form a rosette at the center. Press curved seams toward the convex (outward) curve.

Now you can get started on your new path. Enjoy!