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Stamp Shammy & Supplies

Lawn Fawn: Stamp Shammy

Price:  $ 8.00 
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Lawn Fawn: Shammy Storage Box (box only)

Price:  $ 15.00 
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Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy is a 5" x 7" reusable cleaning cloth.  
Just add water to thoroughly hydrate the cloth, then wipe your stamps clean.

Plastic storage box for Stamp Shammy, allows the stamp shammy to dry between uses.  The storage box does not include the Stamp Shammy. 

Care instructions:  The shammy dries out between uses and does becomes "inky" over time.  It will continue to clean your stamps again and again, even if stained.  It works great with all of our stamps -- acrylic and rubber.  Just rinse out the cloth after use with water only and let dry.