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Using our Clear “Fussy” Cutting Stamps
Get Ready…Stamp Get Set…Cut Get Set…Sew

The By Kate® method introduces a new CLEAR stamp to provide that same precision as you’ve become to expect from stamps By Kate – giving you the ability to FUSSY CUT. Our stamps are easier than paper piecing or tracing from a template by just stamping on the back of fabric.  Our stamp templates have both the cutting line and sewing line for accuracy each and every time. No more marking, measuring, cutting or punching your templates. For fussy cutting your shapes, just align the stamp on your image from the back of the fabric. Stamp lightly. 
Additional needed stamp block / purchased separately:
This stamp will not work by itself. It is necessary to use a CLEAR acrylic block with this stamp. These are easily found an arts&crafts or scrapbooking stores or can be purchased on our website:

How to Use
  1. Stamp on the back of the fabric.
  2. Cut out the shapes on the outside solid line.
  3. Sew the shapes together on the inside line.
Care & Cleaning for clear stamps
  • Photopolymer stamps are more fragile than their red rubber counterparts. Carefully remove stamps from storage or blocks to prevent tearing.
  • Clean immediately after using. Surface wash with water & lint-free cloth. If needed, use a bit of mild dish-washing liquid.
  • Do not use alcohol-based or solvent products and protect from heat & direct sunlight.
  • Stamps can be stored in their original packing and backing sheets and thin cover. If the stamp will no longer stay attached to the acrylic block, wash the stamp with a mild dish-washing detergent, rise well and let dry on a lint free cloth. Once dry the stamp should adhere to the acrylic block.